Mirror LSV

This server provides software developped and compiled by LSV and its partners. These software come without any warranty. You use them at your own risk.

To use this mirror on your distribution, add our public key to your APT system:

wget -O - http://mirror.lsv.fr/keys/mirror.lsv.fr.gpg.key | apt-key add -

Then add LSV mirror to your sources.list:

echo "deb http://mirror.lsv.fr/<distrib> <version> lsv" > \

where <distrib> is 'ubuntu' or 'debian' and <version> is your version like 'jessie', 'trusty', ...

Icon  Name                    Size  Description
[DIR] ubuntu/ - [Repository Ubuntu] [DIR] keys/ - [Public keys to this mirror] [DIR] debian/ - [Repository Debian]